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Differences Between Centrifugal Fans And Axial Fans

Structure difference:

Centrifugal fan is generally composed of impeller, casing, coupling, shaft.

 Impeller is mainly to generate wind pressure and transfer energy; 

Casing is responsible for the introduction and discharge of gas; 

Coupling is used to connect the motor and fan; Shaft is responsible for fixing the impeller.

Axial flow fan is mainly composed of hub, blade, shaft, shell, air collector, streamline body, 

rectifier and diffuser. Air collector and streamline body constitute the air inlet, the impeller is

 composed of hub and blade, and the impeller and shaft form a rotor to support the bearing.

Other differences:

1.Exhaust direction of the two is different.

Inlet and outlet of the axial flow fan are on a parallel line, so the exhaust air direction of the 

axial flow fan is straight along the direction of the axis. The exhaust direction of the centrifugal 

fan is perpendicular to the inlet, so the exhaust direction of the centrifugal fan is 360°.

2. Different energy consumption and effects.

Axial flow fan cooling slow, good cooling effect, low unit energy consumption, ventilation time is 

easy to grasp, not easy to appear fog. Centrifugal fan cooling, precipitation effect is obvious, 

ventilation time is short, unit energy consumption is high, ventilation timing is not good, easy 

to appear fog phenomenon.

3. Installation difficulty is varies.

Axial fans are usually installed directly on the wall or connected to the air duct, so installation is 

relatively simple. The installation of centrifugal fan is relatively complicated.

4. Motor connection mode is different.

Motor of the axial flow fan is generally installed in the body of the fan, the motor of the centrifugal fan 

is connected by the shaft, and is generally placed outside the fan shaft air duct.

5. Different appearance.

Axial fan is generally cylindrical, centrifugal fan is generally snail - shaped.

6. Different air volume and pressure.

Air volume and pressure of the axial flow fan are relatively small, basically no wind pressure. 

Centrifugal fan air volume and pressure are relatively large. If the resistance of the pipeline is 

large and the air is far away, it is recommended to use a centrifugal fan.

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