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Difference Between Vortex Flow Fan And Axial Flow Fan

What is a vortex flow fan?

First, let's look at the literal meaning: Vortex: refers to the pot-shaped swirl of water; 

Flow: flow, velocity and velocity of several forces. Vortex means the vortex formed by rotation. 

When the fan is working, due to the formation of internal structure, it will form a series of gyro like

 and vortex like airflow. Vortex flow fan is also called vortex air blower, just like the vortex formed by water.

The distance between the impeller and the inner wall is very small and they are not in contact with each other, 

so the processing precision is very high. After a series of balance correction, the concentricity is high and the

operation is very stable, so it can generate high pressure. However, the flow through the fan is small, so the 

air volume of the scenery is not very large.


What is an axial flow fan? 

Axial flow fan is also easy to understand. Axial flow: it is in the same direction with the fan blade's axis 

and air flow (that is, the direction of the wind flow and the axis are at the same level). Through the rotation 

of the impeller, the air at the back of the fan accelerates through the impeller vortex, and flows to the other 

side, such as the electric fan and outside air conditioning machine.


Different uses:

Vortex flow fans are often used for supporting various mechanical equipment, such as industrial machinery, 

agricultural machinery, animal husbandry industry, car washing and cleaning industry, robot handling machinery, 

etc., or used separately with pipe fittings, such as pressurized gas transmission, oxygen aeration, material 

transmission, etc;

Axial flow fan is usually used for ventilation. Compared with ventilation in the workshop and heat dissipation

 in the house, we often see this kind of fan on the wall. It is surrounded by a round cover, with a motor and 

impeller in the middle. This is axial flow fan, which can also be used for pressurization in the pipeline.


Difference between pressure and air volume:

The flow rate of the vortex fan is very small, only a few hundred cubic meters per hour, and the maximum is 

2000 cubic meters per hour, but the pressure is very high, to reach 100 kPa, it is at least ten times higher than 

the axial flow fan;

Although the pressure of axial-flow fan is very low, passing through only a few hundred or thousands of pascals,

but the flow is very large, which is at least ten times more than that of eddy current fan, so it is necessary to use 

this fan in the place of ventilation and air exchange.

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