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How to choose the cooling and moisturizing system for greenhouse

The method of selecting the greenhouse cooling and moisturizing system can be planned in actual. Temperature and humidity are two important environmental factors in horticultural production. We can apply humidity and temperature control system to adjust the environment automatically. 

Summer due to strong solar radiation and greenhouse effect, the temperature inside the greenhouse must goes up to 40 ℃ or even 50 ℃, which may result in the annual production limitation for the greenhouse. Nursery stock, flowers and tissue culture and so on has been greatly limited. Therefore, greenhouse production needs to solve the problem of humidity and temperature control.

In order to improve the annual utilization of the greenhouse, the biggest problem is the hot summer indoor temperature is much higher than normal crop growth and development of warm, only rely on ventilated can hardly meet the requirements of air-cooling demand, therefore we should take special means to this main point. Our common used cooling method can achieve by controlling the humidity, the greenhouse will not adversely affect plant growth in 85% ~ 90% humidity. But in the process of evaporation and cooling, it is necessary to ensure the air flow inside and outside the greenhouse, and the greenhouse gas and the high humidity will be discharged from the greenhouse and the fresh air will be replenished. Therefore, the forced ventilation must be adopted.

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