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Notice for Cooling of Negative Pressure Fan

We have encountered many customers who have installed a large number of axial fans in high temperature plants. But the workshop was still so stuffy, and there was still so much dust and odor. What is the reason? If everyone is standing next to the axis of the axial flow fan, you will not feel the airflow at all, although there is a lot of wind on the axis. His air flow is linear. It is rarely driven by the surrounding air. It's like a high pressure faucet spraying water, standing on the side of the stream, your body won't get wet. A negative pressure fan is like a reverse sprayer. Its absorption of air is horn-shaped. It not only drives the airflow from the axis of the fan, but instead rolls the air from the fan outward. You will feel strong airflow. Its characteristics determine the thoroughness and high efficiency of its exhaust.


Another important point is that when installing a negative pressure fan, the wall on the side of the fan must be sealed. In particular, there must be no gaps around the fan. We often see many customers install many negative pressure fans by themselves, but the workshop is still boring, so they judge that the negative pressure fans have no effect. I have seen many scenes, often a large window. After installing a fan, the sashes next to the fan are open. It is conceivable that a large amount of air only circulates around the fan, and of course it cannot absorb the air in the distance of the workshop.


The most ideal way to install a negative pressure fan is to close the wall on the side of the fan and the nearby doors and windows, and open the doors and windows on the opposite side of the fan to ensure that the airflow flows straight. If the windows on the side wall of the fan are also to be opened, the farther away from the fan, the better, the purpose is to fully ensure that the airflow enters from the side opposite the fan.


It is an artificial reproduction of the natural physical process of "water evaporates and absorbs heat." A fan is installed on one side of the closed plant, and a wet curtain is installed on the other side. The fan draws out the high-temperature air in the plant, creating a negative pressure in the entire space. Cooled and filtered indoors, forming an ecological cycle effect, keeping the room fresh and cool.




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