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Vibration Reduction Method of Centrifugal Fan

When centrifugal fan is installed in indoor or roof, the noise caused by mechanical vibration and high-speed 

airflow will affect the surrounding environment, and even cause harm to human beings, so vibration reduction 

treatment is needed. The centrifugal fan usually adopts spring damper, which is mainly composed of spring, 

upper cover, base and so on.


The shock absorber should be installed under the shock absorber plate or under the fan section steel bracket. 

The shock absorber plate is a prefabricated reinforced concrete slab, which can make multiple shock absorbers

 installed under the slab bear uniform force. Shock absorbers should be installed according to the wind volume 

of the fan, but not less than four. After the selection of shock absorber is determined by dynamic 

calculation, the type, specification and quantity of shock absorber should not be changed at will during construction.


When the shock absorber is installed under the shock absorber plate, it should be guaranteed that the center of 

the reserved hole should not be offset. The surface of the shock absorber should be kept flat on the ground or 

on the basis of it, so that the force of the shock absorber is uniform.


Spring shock absorber has the characteristics of larger resistance and lower frequency.

It has better effect on eliminating external shock and vibration.

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