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Installation Method And Attentions of Roof Fan

1.Foundation of roof fan installation shall be higher than the roof, and the surface shall be flat 

to prevent water seepage and water leakage, and the foundation bolts shall be embedded.


2.A 5mm rubber plate shall be padded between the fan base and the foundation to reduce vibration. 

Foundation bolts shall be equipped with spring washers to prevent looseness during use.


3.Diameter of the outlet of the roof fan can only be increased and cannot be reduced. At last, the air outlet shall 

be installed with insect proof cap. Rain cap must be added when the air-out is go upward. In case of snow in 

winter and freezing date, it must be started frequently to prevent the outlet of the fan from being blocked by heavy snow.


4.Roof fan and the air duct shall be connected by hose (flexible material and non-burning), the length shall not be 

less than 200mm, and the pipe diameter shall be the same as the inlet and outlet size of the roof fan. In order to 

ensure that the hose does not appear distortion in the process of system operation, the installation of appropriate 

tightness. For the canvas hose installed at the suction end of the roof fan, it can be installed slightly tighter to prevent 

the suction of the roof fan during operation, reducing the cross section size of the canvas hose.

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