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Way of Regulating The Air Volume of Centrifugal Fan

1.Air Valve Regulation

The outlet air valve regulation of centrifugal fan is to change the characteristics of the pipe network, 

not the characteristics of the air conditioning fan. The air volume regulation range is generally under 

all working conditions under the rated performance curve of the fan. Due to the artificial increase of 

pipe network resistance to change the characteristics of the pipe network, the pressure drop is consumed

 in the additional resistance generated when the air valve is closed, and the economy of regulation is poor.

 When the piping is set on the suction side of the fan, the regulation principle of the inlet air valve is the same

 as that of the outlet air valve; however, when the piping is set on the exhaust side of the fan, it changes the 

performance curve of the fan by changing the inlet pressure of the fan, so the regulation economy is good; 

while the volute line air valve regulation changes the characteristics of the fan by changing the outlet area 

of the fan, relative to the fan With the decrease of quantity, the change of power is small and the energy saving 

is not significant. In principle, these two kinds of regulation can be used in all working conditions under the 

rated curve, which can make the surge point shift to the direction of small flow. Therefore, they are widely 

used in general air-conditioning fans with fixed speed.

2. Inlet Blade Regulation

The adjustment of the inlet blade is to change the air flow direction of the suction impeller and change 

the performance curve of the fan by adjusting the blade. The positive winding adjustment of the air flow 

at the inlet of the air conditioning fan can realize all the working conditions below the performance curve 

when the angle of the inlet guide vane is zero degree; while the negative winding adjustment of the air flow 

at the inlet can improve the pressure and flow of the fan, but the adjustment range has certain limits.

 Because of the wide adjustment range, high economy and automatic adjustment of the imported blade 

adjustment, it is widely used in the air conditioning fan. The regulation characteristics of the forward multi 

wing fan are better than that of the backward plate fan or the backward wing fan. Although the single efficiency

 of forward multi wing fan is lower than that of backward plate or backward wing fan, in VAV system, the power 

consumption of forward multi wing fan is almost the same as that of backward multi wing fan due to its good

 power reduction characteristics. In addition, forward multi wing fan has the advantages of small-scale light-weight

 revolution, which makes it more widely used in VAV system.

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