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Causes and Treatment of Rotor Unbalance of High Temperature Fan


The violent vibration of the high-temperature fan is mostly caused by the rotor imbalance, but the working temperature of the high-temperature fan is very high, and the factors leading to the rotor imbalance are relatively complex, which cannot be accurately checked out.The following is a summary of the causes and treatment methods of several imbalances:


1. The system dust removal effect is poor, so that the impeller appears uneven wear, resulting in rotor imbalance

① If the overall wear of the impeller is not serious, the problem can be solved directly through dynamic balance on the spot.

② If the overall wear of the impeller is serious, the wear layer of the blade has been worn out more than 2/3, in order to avoid further wear and lead to the entire impeller scrapped, the wear layer should be surfacing first, and then the method of dynamic balance on site.This can be repeated operations, can extend the impeller life nearly 1 times.The surfacing electrode can be selected according to the blade base material, such as D227, R317 and other materials with good performance.In addition, the position and thickness of the surfacing layer should be selected according to the structure of the fan inlet to improve the surfacing welding quality.For example, for a high temperature fan with inlet air on both sides, the part with severe wear is in the middle of the blade, and the weld seam of the overlaying layer here should be dense and thick, so that the wear cycle can be effectively improved.


2. Ash powder deposited on the back of the blade caused imbalance

This is also a common fan fault.Clean impeller can eliminate vibration.


3. The retaining bolts of the detachable blade wear plate are loose and loose

If the wear resistant layer of high-temperature fan blade is detachable, before balancing the fan into action, be sure to carefully check each bolt of the impeller, there will be a loose re-tightening and spot welding, otherwise it is difficult to eliminate vibration through on-site dynamic balance.




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